Kinabalu Park & Mount Kinabalu

Kinabalu Park, the entrance to Mount Kinabalu, is located at 1,585 meters above sea level and is the main starting point for the summit trail that leads to the top of Mount Kinabalu. Kinabalu Park covers an area of 754 sq km and is made up of Mount Kinabalu, Mount Tambayukon and the foothills. Kinabalu Park is situated on the Crocker Range on the western coast of Sabah. It is located within the district of Ranau, within the West Coast Division. Kinabalu Park is not to be confused with Crocker Range National Park which is a separate park in the south. Kinabalu Park headquarters is 88 kilometers away from the city of Kota Kinabalu. There are highways and sealed roads leading towards Kinabalu Park headquarters from other parts of Sabah. It is situated on the southern boundary of Kinabalu Park, at an elevation of 1,563 m (5,128 ft). Kinabalu Park main feature is Mount Kinabalu (4,095.2 m), the highest mountain between the Himalayas and New Guinea. Its slope is home to a rich assemblage of plants and animal species. Kinabalu park is hot spot for plant biodiversity with affinities to flora from the Himalayas, China, Australia, Malay Peninsula, as well as pan-tropical region. Mount Kinabalu in Kinabalu Park is a granite intrusion formed 15 million years ago by the hardening of a mass of molten rock that rose beneath the sedimentary rocks of Borneo’s Crocker Range. 1 million years ago this pluton was thrust upward by tectonic movements which continue to this day. The sandstone and shale that once covered the granite have been eroded to reveal the underlying rock of Mount Kinabalu…Read More

Best time to visit Kinabalu Park

The average rainfall in Kinabalu park is 400 cm per year, with an average temperature of 20 ° C at the Kinabalu Park Headquarters, but at Laban Panar it can fall below freezing at night. The cold wind factor make the Mount Kinabalu summit very cold. The best time to climb Mount Kinabalu is during the dry season between the months of March to August when the clearest view. The worst has traditionally been during the monsoon from November to December, although the wet or dry can occur at any time of the year. Avoid weekends, school and public holidays if possible. Kinabalu Park is sometimes closed to climbers.

Note: Ascent to the top of Mount Kinabalu has become very popular in recent years and it is worth booking a slot for Mount Kinabalu climb as early as possible.